About The Well

I’m Madelyn McWhorter and owner of The Well! 

Putting words to paper was my first creative love. From the time I could write, I spent time doodling words, writing stories, and jotting down notes to those I loved. For a shy little girl, this was my special way of communicating with those around me and where I felt I could be my truest self. Not only was this how I showed my love for others, but it was also one of the biggest ways I felt love. From birthday and thank you cards to encouraging notes from friends and family, I would soak in each word and stash it away, knowing that I would always find that card in the most perfect timing. The perfect words at the perfect time from the perfect person. 

To this day, this is how I connect best to those around me - through words on paper detailing how much the recipient means to me and why. Not only did I want to express myself through words, but I wanted the outside to be as beautiful as the contents within so I began to paint - and that’s how The Well came to be.

My hope is that these cards that I design, handpaint, and reproduce are the cards that mean the most to those receiving them - so much so that they’re tucked away, ready to be found and bringing sweet memories all over again.